Louisiana Programs

Louisiana State Nurse Relief Fund

The Nurse Relief Fund was established in 2005 in the wake of Katrina to support nurses who were impacted by this catastrophic event. The Nurse Relief Fund continues to impact our state’s nurses, most recently during the 2016 Great Floods. LNF is committed to supporting the needs of our state’s nurses outside of their work environment, especially during the most trying times.


Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

Crescent Crown Distributing has committed $200,000 to help launch the South Louisiana Bar Owners Relief Fund that will operate through the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, a 501c3 organization whose mission is to strengthen Louisiana’s hospitality industry through support of individuals within the community. A maximum $500 one-time award will be distributed, under specific eligibility criteria, to bar owners who have suddenly found themselves without income and can breathe a little easier knowing that this relief fund can help them with their business expenses. Other Federal and State resources will be coming, but the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation relief funds will help these bar owners get over this critical period.

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